One Simple Rule
Guides All We Do

Starting with our Founder, for almost 60 years this treasured blue marble has been passed to every new member who joins the Valmark family of firms. Learn how this enduring touchstone guides us toward the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings.

Our Five Core Values
  1. We Live by the Golden Rule
  2. We Tell the Truth About Everything
  3. We Simplify Complexity
  4. We Build Lasting, Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  5. We Protect our Innovative and Entrepreneurial Culture

The Three Circles of Valmark

For over 60 years and three generations, Valmark has remained committed to keeping the company privately held so financial professionals have a solid foundation and strong relationships upon which to build their business. Valmark’s unique value proposition lies in our innovative offerings at the intersection of a full-service broker-dealer, registered investment advisor and insurance producer group. The Member Firms who call Valmark “home” are independent, highly ethical financial services entrepreneurs across the U.S. who recognize the opportunity to enhance how they serve clients by embracing diverse methods and arrays of products when offering solutions. Streamlining complexity via a unified platform empowers Valmark’s community of like-minded Member Firms to use these “three circles” as an integral part of their success and ability to serve clients’ best interest.

Get the details on why the intersection of these three circles makes Valmark “unique”.


The Valmark Advantage


Three Generations.
Half a Century.
Solid footing for your future.

“Valmark is the broker-dealer for any firm that sees the wisdom in betting on themselves instead of remaining part of the herd at a huge institution.”

—David McKechnie, CLU
Member since 2003

The Broker-Dealer for
High-Integrity Firms


A brain trust of premier advisors.
Bonded by integrity.
Committed to rising together.

“It’s refreshing to be part of a collaborative group that freely shares best practices and is ready for any change the industry can throw at us.”

—Tom Fay, CLU, ChFC
Member since 2015

Where Steel
Sharpens Steel


Methods actually designed
to propel your business.
Not stifle it.

“It continually amazes me to witness the commitment Valmark shows in creating and refining processes that make my job easier as an agent.”

—Tom Bishop, CLU, AEP
Member since 2013

When Our Members Speak,
We Listen

Helping The Best Get Even Better

For 50+ years we’ve been collaborating with our member financial service firms to make a difference – doing the right thing for their clients, their communities and the next generation.

“Valmark looks out for the health and stability of your business long term. They stay on top of every aspect of our industry: trends, legislation, even changes at the carrier level.“

Rudy Cecchi, JD, LLM
Rudy Cecchi & Associates
Valmark Member since 1989

"Everybody I deal with at Valmark lives by the Golden Rule and that starts at the top. There’s nobody with more Integrity in this industry than Larry Rybka. I love the fact that he will stand up to do the right thing even if it’s not popular with some of the people in the industry. He says what he believes in, and that trickles all the way down through the organization."

Michael O’Donnel
Estate Partners, LLC
Valmark Member Since 2021

“Valmark is brilliant at creating value-added processes. They consistently deliver methods that improve all sides of our business.”

Brad Mueller, CLU, CHFC
Monarch Insurance Partners, LLC
Valmark Member since 2013

“We could see immediately that everyone at Valmark was genuine in their concern for our goals and in caring for our relationship. This is a company with a soul and a purpose.”

Tom Haught, CFP, ChFC
Sequoia Financial Group
Valmark Member since 2005

Making a Difference

Values matter most when they change the world for the better. Learn how our Member Firms and their clients support causes dearest to their hearts.

It’s why we do what we do.

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